Knitting Division

Our knitting division is operated in 3 different locations with different specialities.

  1. Knitting Plant 1 focuses on Single Jersey and Spandex
  2. Knitting Plant 2 focuses on Interlock, Slub Jersey, ,Mélange, and Baby Terry
  3. Knitting plant 3 focuses on Jacquard, Engineered Stripes, and Custom Stripes


Dyeing and Finishing Division


Open Finish process from start to finish
Processed by Continuous Scouring and Bleaching Range



Running on Cold Pad Batch technology
Producing more stable color from every batch
No tension on fabric to prevent major problems such as un-level dyeing and crease marks



Tensionless drying process to minimize shrinkage

Stable drying and pre-heat set method process with Stenter

Open-Width Compactor to reduce fabric peeling and increase bulkiness of fabrics



Proper method of storing fabric to maintain good quality and steady inventory management